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The museum was created by Pope Pio VII CHIARAMONTI (1800-1823), here are about one thousand sculptures, among  which portraits of emperors, images of deities, friezes, reliefs.

BRACCIO NUOVO, was built by the same Pio VII and was inaugurated in the 1822.
The gallery shows Roman staues and  copies of Roman age from  Greek originals; in the floors were included mosaics.


  • The statue of Augusto found in “Prima Porta”

  • Doriforo Roman copy from Policleto (440 A.D.)

  • Two gilded bronze peacoks, probably coming from the mausoleum of Hadrian

  • The statue of the river Nile

The LAPIDARIA GALLERY keeps over 5.000 inscriptions of Roman and early Christian age.