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The museum was inaugurated during 2000, it is close to the crypt and the theatre  built in the 13 B.C. by L. Cornelio Balbo, consul in the 32 B.C.

THE FIRST SECTION of the museum, on the ground floor, shows the stages of development of the Lucio Cornelio Balbo’s theatre and the subsequent reuse. Marbles of Roman era are out standing.

SECOND SECTION, on the first floor there is a large amount of finds: ceramics, lamps, glasses, jewellery, coins, tiles, inscriptions.
Early middle ages frescoes coming from “Santa Maria in Via Lata” (VI-IX sec.), a part of a fresco of the Church “Sant’Adriano al Foro Romano”.
Episcopal chair of the  VIII sec.

A SECTION of the museum shows the most recent finds.