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Coin (didramma) from the “Romano-campana”series. Herakles and the wolf suckling the twins
265 b.C. (Rome Mint)

Coin (half stater) from the “oath” series: double faced head of Janus and oathing swearing scene
225-217 b.C.

Coin (gold) of Augustus: head of Augustus and a goat
18-17/16 b.C. (Colonia Patricia Mint)

Cameo with the empress Livia veiled, next to another member of the imperial family (Augustus)
I century a.D.

Cameo with a bust of a young prince
IV century a.D.

Gotus's fibula in the form of an eagle
End of the V – VI century a.D.

Intaglio medallion: female bust (Agrippina or Antonia?)
Modern epoch

Medallion with cameo: facinf male and female busts
III century a.D. (cameo)

Medallion with intaglio: preistess and statuette of Apollo on a pillar
Second half of the I century b.C. (intaglio)

Case in the shape of a book, with agate decoration

Castellani Goldsmiths: collar for a senator and two “demi-parures” in gold and gold and pearls

Annual medallion of the Municipality of Rome: equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius