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Room I – information room

Room II
Here are exposed panels concerning the ”Aureliane walls”, the construction technique and the war machines used by defenders and assaulters.

Room III
The room shows four plastic models of the Aureliane walls.

Room IV
Here are exposed to panels concerning S. Sebastiano gate (the ancient Appia gate) and the other gates of the Aureliane walls.

Room V
Here are exposed three panels concerning the Appian way and a plastic model reproducing a part of the Aureliane walls.

Room VI
Here are exposed six panels concerning the walls in the Medieval and in the modern age.

Room VII
Here is exposed the plastic model of the Ardeatino bastion by Antonio da Sangallo il giovane (1483-1546). The bastion is appraised as a masterpices of the Italian military architecture of the Renaissance.

terrace and walkaway
From the museum it is possible to access a long section, about 350 metres, of the wall’s parapet walk, consisting of a covered gallery, punctuated by ten towers, which ends with a high open walkway, which offers shelter to the blackbirds.